telemarketing tel‧e‧mar‧ket‧ing [ˌteliˈmɑːktɪŋ ǁ -ˈmɑːr-] noun [uncountable] MARKETING
the practice of telephoning people in order to sell things:

• The software will be used in growing applications such as telemarketing and customer service.

selling goods or services by telephone to people who call a number given in an advertisement etc

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telemarketing UK US /ˈtelɪˌmɑːkɪtɪŋ/ noun [U] (also telephone selling, UK also telesales)
COMMERCE, MARKETING the activity of selling a product or service by phone: »

Last year, the firm spent almost 60% of its revenue on telemarketing and direct mail.


a telemarketing company/firm

telemarketing fraud/scams »

People who believe they are victims of telemarketing fraud should call our Consumer Protection Division.


We are experts in teaching effective techniques for successful telephone selling.


She works in telesales.

See also INBOUND TELEMARKETING(Cf. ↑inbound telemarketing), OUTBOUND TELEMARKETING(Cf. ↑outbound telemarketing)

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